Why does honey crystallize?
It is normal for natural, raw honey to crystallize This is due to the sugars in honey coming out of solution as as the presence of pollen. Crystallization indicates the honey is natural and raw and without any additives. Crystallization of honey is a natural process that also occurs when honey is exposed to colder temperatures. It will return to liquid form in warmer temperatures or stored near a heat source. Crystallized honey is safe to consume. Many people actually prefer it and use it to spread on toast or simply add to a warm drink. If you wish to decrystallize your honey, place the jar in a bowl of warm water and allow it to decrystallize slowly. The average temperature inside a beehive is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
Does honey spoil?
Honey will not spoil and is edible indefinitely. Edible Honey was even discovered in the ancient pyramids of Egypt. 
Do we sell raw honey?
Our honey is pure, natural and raw. It is bottled after extracting directly from the honeycomb and only separated from the large pieces of wax and bee parts. There are no additives of any kind and unlike mass produced honey our honey is not exposed to high levels of heat.
How many bees does it take to fill a jar?
A lot! The average honeybee colony has approximately 50,000 bees and it requires the foraging of 12 bees during their entire lifetime to produce a single teaspoon of honey.